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Reasons Why You Should Review Your Credit Report On A Regular Basis

The credit report has become a very significant piece of personal information for the majority of adults across the nation. The credit report is used by a wide variety of businesses to determine the level of responsibility and credit worthiness that you have exhibited. There are a number of different reasons why every person should review their credit report on a regular basis but several reasons are the most prominent.

The first reason that people should review their credit reports on a regular basis is because creditors can make mistakes when reporting a person's credit history to the three major credit bureaus. As much as we would like the reporting system to be foolproof, the truth is that the information submitted can be incorrect and is entered by humans in many cases. The negative information that may be incorrect includes credit limits, late payments, missed payments, and account balances.

According to federal law, if a credit bureau is informed about an inaccuracy on a credit report, they are required to investigate and provide a correction of the information if the person was right about the inaccuracy. The person will have to notify the credit bureau of the discrepancy in writing with any information that supports the claim so the credit bureau will have the information available for review. After they have reviewed the information from the person and from the creditor that has reported the account, they will inform the person of their decision in writing by mail.

Another reason that a person should review their credit reports regularly is to ensure that they have not been a victim of identity theft. Cases of identity theft that has occurred across the nation have increased dramatically over the few years due to the popularity of purchasing items and submitting sensitive information over the internet. There are many different ways that your information can be stolen by criminals and the problem can be financially devastating for the people that experience it.

In order to make sure that you have not been a victim of identity theft, the credit report should be reviewed carefully for any accounts that you do not recall opening or missed payments that you do not remember. If there are any issues on the credit report that are noticed, you should contact the creditor and the credit bureau immediately to alert them to the problem. The faster these discrepancies are found, the faster action can be taken to close the account and limit the
amount of damage to your credit score.

One more reason that you should review your credit reports on a regular basis is so you know your credit history before applying for loans or making major purchases that may require financing. Knowing how high your credit score is before allowing someone else to pull your credit report will ensure that you will not receive an unpleasant surprise or get taken advantage of by fraudulent lenders. Reviewing your credit report to determine your credit score before making a significant purchase will also make certain that you are not wasting your time looking for an item that you will
not be able to buy.

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